updated march 2011

third space: the spaces in and among the artist, the audience, and the tools used to create art

gridshape art
new meanings and perceptions through our thoughts, actions, processes and products

gridshape art

New tools for digital art --- what if artists create the tools?

What is the interplay between what tools can do and how artists create?

gridshape art

Interactive Media :: Max / MSP / Jitter

My software of choice for human interaction, media-mashing, data jockeying, and for exploring creative and educational possibilities using digital media, information, and ideas

Scored Compositions -- 1999-2004 -- a variety of examples from my theory / composition majors

Digital Audio -- 1999-present -- the continued exploration of computer-based sound and music

3D Design and Interaction -- 2003-present -- why work in two dimensions when we live in 3?

Multimedia with Flash -- 2000-2003, present -- learning what multimedia and interactivity make possible

Multimedia with Director -- 2001-2005 -- more of that exploration using a somewhat similar program

Multimedia with Processing -- 2007-present -- a revisiting of code-based multimedia

javascript and css experiments -- 2007-2008 -- a little randomness underlying the website

More thoughts on art, software, interaction, programming, and aesthetics


Computer tools I swear by:

Open Office is one of the best open-source projects around.

Free typing program to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout... hasta la vista, qwerty!



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When going through life, do as a good microphone does. Make your output low impedance, balanced, and floating.